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How do I apply for a payday loan?

Please use the form located on the “Apply Now” page of our website, fill in the details and get a decision within a minute.

Am I eligible for a payday loan?

It is very easy to decide if you are eligible for a payday loan yourself, please navigate to “Do I Qualify” to find out if you fit the criteria!

When would I receive my payday loan?

The applications and decision is made within minutes, and if it is approved, in most cases it will take mostly an hour for the funds to land to your account but in rare cases it can take up to 24 hours.

What about my bad credit history?

Bad or Good, it does not make much of difference when applying for a Payday Loan through our website, please refer to the “Do I Qualify” page to see if you fit the criteria, BUT please consider your financial situation when applying for a Payday Loan to avoid further debt.

Will you check my credit score or credit rating?

No, we do not use credit score to weight your payday loan application.

How do I pay back the payday loan?

The funds due will automatically be deducted from the bank account you have provided on the agreed date before accepting the loan. Please check all details when your application has been approved where it will outline all the information in regards to the loan.

Do I need to have a debit card in order to apply for a payday loan?

You do not have to hold a debit card to Apply for Payday loan, but you would need to have a valid Uk Bank Account where the funds are placed and deducted at the due date.

What if I can’t pay it back on time?

If you can’t pay it back on time. Your payday loan application will be deferred to the next month automatically, and further charges could occur, therefore you will need to make sure you will need to make a good decision before taking out a loan. Payday Loans are only temporary solutions, and Yeah Payday does not in any way would like you to get in to debt as our only mission is to HELP you. Please do not borrow a Payday Loan if you have any doubts that you cannot make the payment on the agreed date.

What is a deferred payday loan?

Deferred payday loan is setting the Payday Loan due date to another date, often 30 days after of your prior due date, and you will need to bare in mind that there are charges for deferred Payday Loan, and do not borrow a Payday Loan if you are thinking of paying it after the agreed date.

Can i defer my payday loan?

Yes you can. However in cases of the second deferral, we might ask you to reduce your balance to ensure you can pay as well as making it more digestible for you when you need to clear all your balance.

Yes you can defer your Payday Loan, and the lender will as you to reduce your balance to ensure it is easier for you to make the payment for the remaining balance.

What if I come accross difficulties repaying the payday loan?

In case of any difficulty we will do our best to help you in these circumstances. We usually advise our customers to ensure they will be able to pay it on their payday to make everything easy for them.


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